Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tell us about the side effects that your digital life is having on your real life, if any. Do you find yourself, for example, feeling left out or jealous of your friends’ activities when you look at Facebook? Are you having trouble remembering material when you interrupt your studying by checking in online? Do you or your parents ever worry about how much time you spend texting or on the Internet?

I feel as though the digital life does have side effects on people. For example, when people are texting most people use slang all the time. Plus on the internet you find out a lot you never knew, maybe about friends, family, acquaintances, and more. More ways to communicate equals more drama. There could also be days when I have house work or home work to do and i'm holding it off to check my facebook or text my friends.

From a concerned parents point of view, the digital life is interfering with their children. When it's time for a test in school I have moments when I forget how to spell a simple word or write slang by mistake. That is because I'm so used to texting or writing like that on the internet. This is a big problem, for me and I know my friends makes the same mistakes as well. This is caused by all of the long hours spent on the computer and not studying and doing school work and I know parents are worried about that.

The internet is the worst way to find out things you didn't already know. Especially when your friends do thing without you knowing and you have to find out on the internet. That makes you feel bad and left out. Digital life is just a distraction from the real world and people needs to spend less time on the internet and more time doing things more productive.

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